How one of our past donations motivated us to create $RIDGE

October 20, 2021 – Bar, Montenegro

Total amount raised: $30,413

Participants: MandingoAfrikano & his friends from Balkan Crypto Communities

A local Shiba Inu Community brought some attention to our CEO @MandingoAfrikan who saw this Facebook post which was shared earlier that day, stating that a kid from Berane, Montenegro needs to raise funds for urgent treatment in Italy.

M. D. was diagnosed with brain tumor at only four and a half years old and the situation was worsening again and as you can see on the Fundraiser page only $11,555 were raised out of $50,000+ needed.

Mandingo, the CEO of $RIDGE back then, created a separate wallet for donations and we started sharing it in local communities on Telegram and Twitter.

The message below was posted by Mandingo and re-shared by other members of Shiba Inu Balkan:

People, let’s donate something for this kid. I am so sure that $200 doesn’t mean anything for any of you and that you have earned so much so far that you can set something aside. If we manage to get in touch with the clinic we will try to send them USDT directly and if they don’t accept, we will send it to his parents. This is absolutely urgent and I ask you to donate as much as possible by Monday, because Maxim has to go to the clinic next week.

He firstly reached to his best friends that he knew or met in person, now part of the $RIDGE team and for start we raised $10,000 for start and after that, of course, WITH THE HELP of other members in the Shiba Inu Balkan group and other Balkan Crypto Communities for different tokens or crypto talk, additional $20,412 were raised, making the donation a total of $30,412.

After the funds were raised, $30,412 from the crypto communities and additional help from family members and people over the world, M. D. was immediately sent to Italy for his treatment.

Part of the core team of $RIDGE as well as a few members of Shiba Inu Balkan, waited for M. D. to arrive on the Belgrade airport (headed for Italy), handed out the money and wished him quick recovery.

After discussing many days of possibilities and the struggle we had to go through, re-sharing posts, etc. and all of us being into crypto for a long time, we decided to start a token that will ensure THE MONEY are ready for urgent needs, through DeFi & Crypto and instead of the token collecting “tax” for rewards that don’t make sense to everyone, we decided that our project will collect this in it’s so called “charity wallet”, so whenever someone is in urgent need, we can immediately donate, without us having to share, spam and literally have people “beg” other people.

This gave us the idea and weeks after, on November 9th, we deployed our token and launched just a few days, without having a website, with only a Telegram group consisting of 3 members and two or three of their best friends.

It’s been only a month since the initial post was shared and additionally, to date, we also made more donations, officially from the $RIDGE charity wallet, which we will cover in the upcoming posts.






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  1. Vladimir

    Great story!!! Best luck good people and keep the good work with $RIDGE.

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