Ridge Kart Sponsorship – First Karting Competition, 2nd Place Won!

April 9th, 2022 – Ada Huja, Serbia

We have recently contributed $1,800 for a young talent that we discovered from our region with strong kart racing skills and many competitions won.

Igor has been struggling to get help for his racing kart and we gladly helped. Today, he decided to give us back by becoming the youngest champion in the RidgeNation!

Igor’s racing Kart ($RIDGE LOGO)

On a racing competition with 3 different races, Igor has reached the 2nd place for two of them and 3rd place for the third one. This is just the beginning of something big and of a successful career, that we at $RIDGE will be more than happy to continue supporting as we grow.

We would like to congratulate to Igor for his success and to let him know that we will be with him and stay his loyal fans for life.






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